Workout Programs


12 weeks · 5x a week · 60 mins

Weightlifting · Gym

These workouts include all the moves to help build a better booty, defined legs, toned arms, and a gorgeous back.


6 weeks · 5x a week · 30 mins

HIIT Training · Home

We’ll work through exercises to help you build that sexy, curvy body that you’ve always wanted, all while working out from your own home.


8 weeks · 5x a week · 40 mins

Weightlifting · Home

Feel strong and confident on your wedding day! Using minimal equipment, these workouts can be done anywhere, anytime.


12 weeks · 5x a week · 60 mins

Weightlifting · Gym

I’ll guide you through everything I’ve learned to get you the hourglass figure you want. This Fitplan will push you, and I promise the results are worth it!