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Pick one of my workouts and let’s workout together!


12 weeks · 5x a week · 60 mins

Weightlifting · Gym

These workouts include all the moves to help build a better booty, defined legs, toned arms, and a gorgeous back.


6 weeks · 5x a week · 30 mins

HIIT Training · Home

We’ll work through exercises to help you build that sexy, curvy body that you’ve always wanted, all while working out from your own home.


8 weeks · 5x a week · 40 mins

Weightlifting · Home

Feel strong and confident on your wedding day! Using minimal equipment, these workouts can be done anywhere, anytime.


12 weeks · 5x a week · 60 mins

Weightlifting · Gym

I’ll guide you through everything I’ve learned to get you the hourglass figure you want. This Fitplan will push you, and I promise the results are worth it!

Results start in the kitchen

Get your personalized meal plan, plus hundreds of recipes and grocery lists so you can reach your goals faster.

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Through hard work, discipline and consistency I slowly watched my body transform before my eyes.

Fitness hasn’t always been a huge part of my life. Growing up I was always very skinny with very little muscle. With my ethnic background being half Korean I assumed I was destined to be thin with no muscle, no booty, and a skinny frame. It was something I was always self conscious about. One day I decided I was going to take charge, educate myself and build the physique I wanted. I started absorbing as much information about fitness and nutrition that I could and implemented that knowledge into my personal diet and work out plan. Through hard work, discipline and consistency I slowly watched my body transform before my eyes. It was an amazing feeling to watch myself progress and receive praise and positive feedback from my friends and family. Everyone around me noticed not only the physical changes about me but the incredible mental transformation and confidence my fitness journey had given me.

Fitness and nutrition has changed my life and became my passion. I’m a prime example that you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. I want to share my knowledge with others that are ready to change their life through fitness and nutrition. I’m a passionate person that loves people, animals and life to the fullest. Coaching others on how to improve their lives by sharing my knowledge and experience is incredibly fulfilling for me. I love to watch my clients achieve their goals and mentally become stronger. It’s my pleasure to guide you on your fitness journey, not only in bettering yourself, but more importantly building for a better/healthier future you.

— Michie




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